Tips and Tricks for Getting Started Blogging

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Great blogging tips

Did you know that most people read blogs more than once per day? Blogging used to be a public form of online journaling, but today it is so much more. Anyone who has something to say, about anything, can sign up for a free blog online and tell the world all about their cute dog, their adventures with cooking on a budget, or their family budgeting tips.

If you are not sure how to blog, but you want to get started, then there are three simple things that you need to understand, mainly how content, visuals, and resources can be used. I could tell you all about my blog, but I will keep it to a minimum and only bring up relevant examples to help you understand how to start blogging. Here are the three areas you need to be familiar with.


The content of your blog is the basic idea, c

Unexpected Blog Help From Unlikely Sources

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Blog help

Blogging is writing. That’s a fact. Although it’s a new(er) medium and style, the fact of the matter is that blog posts and web content are still pieces of nonfiction crafted by skilled writers. Marketers and web professionals certainly do have a lot wisdom and great blogging tips and blog help to dispense, but you can vastly improve your writing skills by turning to the masters of old. Historic and famous writers offer a plethora of writing advice, which you can take as great blog tips.

Here’s a short list of some of the best blog help from a time when blogging was something out of a Phillip K. Dick story!

“Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, you’re doomed,” Ray Bradbury, famous sci-fi writer and author of The Martian Chronicles. What he means with this blog help is tha

If Your Blog Is Not Doing So Well, Try These Tips

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When learning how to blog it can be tempting to jump right in and start writing about everything and anything. While this is not a terrible idea, there is an advantage to doing some research to learn more about how you can blog effectively. Obviously you do not want to waste your time and energy creating blog posts that no one will want to read.

Here are some great blogging tips that will help you to focus your writing and your posts for greater success.

1. Connect with readers.

Blogging is all about putting thoughts and ideas out on to the internet, and connecting to readers with shared interests. Your goal should be to start discussion, educate your readers, invite comments, and respond to your readers if they do comment on your posts. Love, money, politics, and religion are great conversation starters if you wa

Is Your Blog Totally Unreadable?

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There are many bloggers who are suffocating their potentially popular blogs with a structure that is unreadable. Too many words, not enough pictures, no links, and overall obstructive formatting are a surefire way to keep your audience from bothering with your blog. After all, you are just one of hundreds of thousands of other blogs, so how are you going to stand out?

Content of course is important, but that is something that each blogger needs to determine for themselves. Blog structure, however, is equally as important and more easily adapted. Here are three great blog tips to help structure your content so that your audience is more likely to actually read what you have written.

One great blogging tip is to keep it short. I do not mean that you should only put up one paragraph, but as a guideline keep it to less than 750 words. When it comes to reading on the web, less is more. People are used to skimming, so the more you write the more is likely to be ignored.

Another great blo